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Arroway Textures – Design|Craft – Volume One


Leather textures

Many different types and styles

At the core of this product are of course the textures themselves.

This collection contains 26 different leather texture sets. We carefully chose a wide range of types and styles of leather commonly used for furniture and interior decoration. Apart from a plethora of standard leathers, there are also various vintage and rustic leathers, leathers with special coatings and treatments, suede and split leathers, as well as a number of exotic leathers.

Diffuse, normal, bump and reflectivity maps for every texture

Along with a range of color variations, each texture primarily consists of a normal map and a reflectivity map, which play an essential role in producing authentic rendering results.

Additionally, a bump map is provided for cases where a normal map cannot be used. This map could also serve as a displacement map where appropriate, e.g. the exotic leathers.

Most textures come in two different size/resolution variants. One with a larger surface area (up to 2.5m²) at a lower resolution, and one that provides a higher resolution for a smaller area (up to 500dpi). This allows for both, large-scale applications on furniture, as well as small-scale applications in close-up.

Custom color templates

Create custom color variations

Although we tried to create a balanced color palette for every leather, you might need/want a particular leather in a particular color. For this purpose we have included easy to use template files for Adobe Photoshop™ that allow you to quickly create custom diffuse maps for any leather and in any color.


Users of NextLimit’s MaxwellRender™ will find a total of 722 ready-to-use material setups in .mxm format (for version 3.1 and up).

Rendered with MaxwellRender™

Main Features

  • High-resolution leather textures
  • Created using our new 3D scanning process
  • Ready-to-use materials for Maxwell Render™


  • Approx. 20 GB on 5 DVD


  • 26 leather textures
  • Textures consists of diffuse, normal, bump and reflectivity maps
  • Between 10 and 18 color variations for every leather
  • Two different scale/resolution variants for most leathers
  • Map resolution approx. 8000px x 8000px at up to 500dpi
  • Normal, bump and refl. maps in lossless compressed PNG format
  • Diffuse maps in high-quality JPEG format
  • 831 .png and .jpg files in total


  • Custom color templates for all textures (Adobe Photoshop™)
  • 47 .psd files in total


  • Ready-to-use material setups for Maxwell Render™ (version 3.1 and up)
  • 722 .mxm files in total

source/link to buy this collection : https://www.arroway-textures.ch/en/products/designcraft-1#further-details