Home Tutorial Digital Tutor Creating a Photo realistic Bedroom in 3ds Max

Digital Tutor Creating a Photo realistic Bedroom in 3ds Max


Digital Tutor Creating a Photo realistic Bedroom in 3ds Max


In this series of 3ds Max tutorials we will learn how to create a bedroom scene from beginning to the final renders.By learning the techniques in this training, you’ll know how to achieve a realistic rendering for your interior visualizations, how to model furniture, make textures, setup lights, cameras and finally render the scene.

Introduction and project overview
Modeling the body of the chest of drawers
Creating the bedside table
Modeling the desk lamp
Making the desk stand
Building the silver bottles
Modeling the mirror
Starting on the candle holder
Continuing the candle holder
Finishing the candle holder
Modeling the rest of bottles
Making the wall paintings
Starting the bedside lamp body
Making the bedside lamp crystals
Starting the headboard
Continuing the headboard
Detailing the headboard
Making the bed frame
Finishing up the bed
Merging everything together
Simulating the bed sheet
Refining the bed sheet
Making the pillows
Simulating the bed covers
Refining the bed covers
Creating the wall details
Building the walls
Modeling the floor tiles
Making the windows
Modeling the carpet
Setting up cameras for the scene
Setting up lights for the scene
Creating the window glass material
Making the window wood material
Producing the wood material
Making the scratched metal material
Creating the black Polished material
Making the lamp fabric material
Producing the glass material
Creating the metal material
Making the perfume material
Producing the mirror material
Creating the candle material
Creating the another wood material
Making the stand material
Making the crystal material
Creating the paintings material
Producing the bed sheet material
Making the floor material
Making the wall material
Creating the bed cover material
Making the carpet material
Adding the final touches
Producing the final tests
Making the post-production with MagicBullet