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Digital Tutors – Compositing a 3D Architectural Rendering in Photoshop and 3ds Max


In this Photoshop and 3ds Max tutorial we’ll merge a 3D architectural rendering into a photographic background.

Focusing first on our 3D workflow we’ll go through several techniques in 3ds Max regarding material creation, lighting, and rendering. We’ll then move over to Photoshop and combine our 3D rendering with our photograph and take it through various stages, like blending our render elements, color correction, weathering surfaces, adding 2D elements and adding several effects to our composition.

By the end of this Photoshop and 3ds Max training you’ll have learned a lot of useful techniques that will help you not only with your photo compositing but also with your regular 3D workflow and post-production.

  • Lessons in this tutorial
  • Introduction and project overview
  • Correcting perspective and lens distortion
  • Lighting with V-Ray sun and sky
  • Using an HDRI map
  • Discussing texture resources and useful plug-ins
  • Talking about our basic materials
  • Using V-RayDirt and noise maps
  • Setting up reflections
  • Generating our render elements
  • Continuing to add render elements
  • Setting up our final render scene
  • Cleaning up our background
  • Integrating 3D renderings into our background.
  • Blending our render elements
  • Color correcting and adjusting details
  • Blending our rendered building’s edges
  • Creating a dirt brush in Photoshop
  • Creating our building’s missing shadow
  • Adding small details to our building
  • Adjusting to our image
  • Applying lighting effects
  • Placing people and birds into our scene
  • Finalizing our composition
  • Discussing Photolooks

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