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Digital Tutors – Converting 3ds Max Models to Presentation Plans in AutoCAD


In this AutoCAD tutorial we’ll go through the complete process of generating a set of design plans directly from an existing 3D model.

You’ll learn easy-to-apply techniques so that your drawings can be generated almost effortlessly compared to traditional drafting methods. Find out how you can take any complex structure or architectural form and convert it into 2D vector plans, sections and elevations in minutes.

Knowing these techniques is going to boost your ability and speed in AutoCAD and let you hit those short deadlines with ease.


  • Introduction and project overview
  • Overviewing our project
  • Extracting elements for the ground floor plan
  • Extracting shapes from objects
  • Importing shapes into AutoCAD
  • Using plot styles and layers
  • Using LSP files in AutoCAD
  • Extracting a section in 3ds Max
  • Converting 3D elements to 2D lines
  • Compiling flattened objects in sections
  • Editing our section to look presentable
  • Drawing grid lines and height levels
  • Extracting elements for the elevation
  • Quick steps to complete your elevation
  • Converting lines into blocks
  • Viewing our drawings as prints
  • Adjusting dimensions, text and linetype scale
  • Adding text labels and titles
  • Adding hatches into our plan
  • Refining our plan
  • Creating and editing arcs and splines
  • Design development
  • Adding trees, people and cars
  • Exporting CAD plans to Photoshop
  • Editing our drawings
  • Rendering 3D elements for CAD drawings
  • Merging 3D renders into CAD drawings
  • Concluding our project

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