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Digital Tutors – Creating a Bathroom Visualization in 3ds Max and V-Ray


In this 3ds Max and V-Ray tutorial we’ll create an impressive interior scene from start to finish.

We’ll look at an effective workflow in creating scenes quickly and with very high standards. We’ll start by using 3ds Max to create and construct our scene and finalize our image in Photoshop. We’ll explore how to create detailed materials and lighting our scene all within 3ds Max.

By the end of this 3ds Max and V-Ray training you’ll have gained a solid understanding of techniques used for modeling, lighting, rendering as well as creating materials and post production.

  • Lessons in this tutorial
  • Introduction and project overview
  • Setting up our scene
  • Creating the floors and ceiling
  • Creating the door frame in our scene
  • Finalizing the door frame
  • Modeling the door in our scene
  • Completing the door
  • Modeling the sink unit
  • Modifying the front face of our sink
  • Utilizing edge modifiers
  • Completing our sink unit
  • Producing the mirror
  • Utilizing standard primitives
  • Modeling the ventilation grille
  • Creating the toilet
  • Continuing the toilet
  • Finalizing the toilet
  • Utilizing diffuse maps
  • Creating our final materials
  • Adding lights to our scene
  • Rendering a test
  • Setting up our final render
  • Post production

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