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Digital Tutors – Modeling Realistic Interiors in 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer


In this 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer tutorial we’ll explore how to create an interior scene from complete scratch.

We’ll model the architecture, architectural detailing, furniture, props and fabrics using a combination of 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer. We’ll also unwrap as many models as we can when it comes to texturing and materials.

Finally, we’ll finish this 3ds Max and Marvelous Designer tutorial by setting up basic lighting using an HDRI to achieve the soft, diffused look we need. In the second part of this tutorial series, we’ll be rendering and texturing our scene.

Lessons in this tutorial

  • Introduction and project overview
  • Setting up our 3ds Max workspace
  • Continuing our architectural modeling
  • Detailing with spline modeling techniques
  • Creating a hexagonal tiled floor
  • Designing a wooden floor
  • Adding chaos to our model
  • Modeling wooden beams
  • Unwrapping basics
  • Utilizing quick detailing techniques
  • Using turbosmooth for modeling
  • Continuing the log burner model
  • Finishing the log burner details
  • Unwrapping the log burner
  • Creating circular holes
  • Exporting the sling chair
  • Reviewing Marvelous Designer 4
  • Creating the fabric for our sling chair
  • Importing the fabric to 3ds Max
  • Creating tables for our scene
  • Starting our bed fabrics
  • Folding fabrics with pins
  • Simulating fabrics for our bed
  • Finishing the pillows and creating cushions
  • Cleaning up fabrics in 3ds Max
  • Modeling a pendant lamp
  • Creating assets with Debris Maker
  • Modeling blinds in our scene
  • Designing a rattan basket
  • Creating props for our scene
  • Utilizing the hair and fur modifier
  • Lighting our scene using an HDRI map
  • Creating our final scene

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