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Digital Tutors Speed Modeling Your Architectural Ideas in 3ds Max


Speed Modeling Your Architectural Ideas in 3ds Max

In this 3ds Max tutorial we’ll go through the complete process of starting an architectural design project from the brief stage. You’ll learn easy-to-apply speed modeling techniques so that your ideas can be modeled and communicated with the least amount of effort and time possible.

You’ll be able to take any complex structure or architectural form and visualize it in minutes thanks to a different approach to modeling. In addition to greater speed, you’ll also learn how to create sun simulations, 3D sections for your projects and final render that resembles a scaled architectural model.

By the end of this 3ds Max training you’ll have learned many techniques to boost your ability and speed in 3ds Max and let you hit those short deadlines with ease.

  • Introduction and project overview
  • Overviewing the design brief
  • Inspiring images
  • Overviewing the site
  • Drafting a site plan in AutoCAD
  • Importing files into 3ds Max
  • Modeling the site base
  • Modeling from a reference image
  • Detailing the ground plane and bridges
  • Removing the background image
  • Deciding on our render settings
  • Applying lighting and camera settings
  • Editing HDR Images
  • Adjusting our site model
  • Planning floor areas using AutoCAD
  • Preparing a massing model
  • Updating the massing model from sketches
  • Creating the central tree tower
  • Modeling the space frame steel structure
  • Building the supporting columns
  • Creating a complex organic facade
  • Executing small structures
  • Creating the linked pavilion paths
  • Modeling an organic bridge
  • Deforming the space frame
  • Modeling a spiral stair
  • Designing the canopy
  • Modeling the floors and ceilings
  • Building a roof garden
  • Creating V-Ray materials for scale models
  • Adding creative lighting
  • Improving the lighting
  • Editing the facade textures
  • Populating the scene with figures
  • Simulating the sun and shade
  • Creating a sectional render
  • Customizing the final render settings
  • Recapping our project

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