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Digital-Tutors – Using DWG Files to Create 3D Models in SketchUp


Digital-Tutors – Using DWG Files to Create 3D Models in SketchUp

2h 8m  | Project Files: Included | Software used: SketchUp

In this SketchUp tutorial we’ll learn how to use .dwg files and plans to create 3D models. We’ll begin the process from the ground and work our way up.

Using imported foundation and structural plans, we’ll model the foundation and the columns. Once those elements are in place, we’ll use a displaced modeling technique I often use, to place beams throughout the building model.

Along the way we’ll discover a few simple tips and tricks that will help reduce your modeling time significantly! Finally, we’ll take a look at how to quickly and efficiently model the building’s exterior which includes glazing, windows, mullions and even spandrels.

By the end of this SketchUp training you’ll know how to use simple 2D drawings to create powerful 3D models that can be used for schematic design and even design development!

Lessons in this tutorial

  • Introduction and project overview
  • Importing .dwg files into SketchUp Free with Demo
  • Organizing your project into Layers
  • Modeling the floor plates
  • Modeling the foundation
  • Continuing with foundation modeling
  • Modeling the footings
  • Using structural members from the 3D warehouse
  • Placing columns and floor plates
  • Modeling beams and floor plates
  • Placing beams throughout the model
  • Cleaning the model and creating the exterior
  • Modeling the building exterior
  • Dividing the exterior according the various levels
  • Modeling opening for the windows
  • Continuing with modeling the window openings
  • Modeling mullions and glass panels
  • Modeling the columns for the building core
  • Finishing the building exterior

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