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DOSCH Textures: Construction Materials – Asia


DOSCH Textures: Construction Materials – Asia

Dosch Textures: Construction Materials – Asia provides 170 very detailed depictions construction material surfaces. Most of the textures are of seamlessly tileable.

Content Overview


These high-resolution Dosch textures (around 2048 x 2048 pixel) can be used for animations, architectural visualization, and for all kinds of computer graphics or print applications (e.g. catalog, magazine).

The multi-layer textures (provided are color- and bump-map for each texture) which can be used in most 3D-animation and CAD applications, are all provided in the JPEG-format with the highest quality-settings.

Please use the “PDF-Overview”-link above for a complete list of all textures contained in the product.

Source : http://www.doschdesign.com/products/textures/Construction_Materials_Asia.html