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Free 3dsmax Interiors Scene – Modern Living Room


modern living room no 2b

3 Strategies Decoration infallible

Before you begin the upgrade of space, consider these simple steps.

Commit to a style
They adhere to a strict palette
Create visual flow

Commit to a style

Discover the elegant living right, by designer Barbara Barry (from the book by Barbara Barry: About Beauty, Rizzoli, 2012). See the traditional curves, like upholstery, color schemes, and the symmetrical arrangement? Almost every election in the room is classic. Commit to one style, or you can see here or something completely different, ensuring cohesive space. It also makes it easy to decorate narrowing the range of options. This does not mean that you should buy a stay in a box. You do not want things appear premade and impersonal (more on this later). Think about the creation of the unity of style between the Big Five: sofas, curtains, carpets, side chairs and coffee table. Then it can turn a bit ‘of aesthetic things like art and decorative items. Before buying anything, scan the house for items already that fit the look you are going for.

They adhere to a strict palette

Nothing makes a room look completely equipped more color. One way to speed up a pallet is to think in groups of three two main colors, plus an accent color that maintains or peace or add vitality. In this room by designer Ellen Hamilton, the main actors are peacock blue and coral and rich two-tone accent color is cream jewelry. Painting is the basis for every palate, but equally important is the upholstery, carpets, decorative accessories, and sometimes wood. (To make a strong statement of color, even the flowers and books must meet the parameters of the palette.) If you’re looking for inspiration, copying colors from a large piece in the room, like a rug or a painting. Or take a trio of this matrix. It works vertically or horizontally to provide six combinations of grains different rooms. Within each trio, any two can be the main colors, with the third as an accent.

Create visual flow

Thoughtful placement of the elements in a room can set a general sense of wonder, as in this space by designer Betsy Brown. He wants to encourage the eyes to hit only the key points and ignore anything disappointing. These are the essential ingredients.

The inviter is what attracts a room. In this case, there is a dramatic carpet of cow skin. But it could also be a living tissue that frames the center windows or sculpture table.
The cozifier asked to remain. Think of a shot lush cashmere or a comfortable chair. In this room, to reinforce the long green on the couch does the trick.
Lifters at eye level and create a framework for the rest. See the lamp foot three black heads and the etagere.
Wow purpose is the strongest or the most brilliant piece in the room. Prime real estate worth: Imagine a large painting above a sofa or a mirror bright (see right) during a fire.
The strange thing is what stops the eye and asked people to ask: “What the hell is this?” Or “Where the hell did you get that thing?” Think sculpture or decorative items. Invest in a great piece that looks like it did somewhere far, far away (time and place), and put it next to your big screen TV (very annoying). Or choose the smaller pieces and place them strategically throughout the room so that the eye moves artifact artifact. This is also known as the cool factor, exemplified here by the giant ball of wood in the foreground, the objet yellow on the side table, and the blue bust behind the couch.
The personalizers are important elements of real life, such as family photos, books you’ve actually read and sentimental items. Li group of side (in this case, in the étagère).
The natural element adds life, texture, and, in some cases, a color space. Choose flowers or a plant that reflects the style of your room. If you have a sophisticated space feminine, try peonies in a vase floor. This minimalist, organic inspired room, a transparent container with austere branches high up the feeling of the earth.
A basket of magazines, a pile of books, a tray on the table: the finalists in the blanks are filled. And the finalists are the final signs that life is living in one room. His shoes and glasses, where you left them. Your morning cup of coffee.Because what really makes a complete environment is, of course, people who fill.