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Hyperfocaldesign V-HDRI SKIES


Hyperfocaldesign V-HDRI SKIES

VHDRI: Very High Dynamic Range, Very high resolution

– Collection includes 12 high quality hemispherical VHDRI Skies

– Includes clear, cloudy, stormy, and sunset skies

– Sun Aligned (swap HDRIs and retain sun position)

– Dynamic Range: Up to 16 stops

– Format: Lat/Long Spherical

– File Type: EXR and HDR


High Resolution HDRI Skies

– 14,000 X 7,000 HDRI and LDR files

– 512 X 256 Lighting HDRI


Bonus: Three 10,000 X 5,000 pixel sky HDRIs for a total of 15 HDRIs

Bonus: Tutorial by Chris Nichols, author of Global Illumination: Exteriors and Interiors, on how to best use and show off the results of VHDRI lighting using VRay and 3dsmax

V-HDRI Advantages

Higher dynamic range, higher resolution skies for truly spectacular results, accurate image based lighting (IBL) and amazing shadows. Just see the test image below created by Chris Nichols, for an idea of what to expect from this collection.




Super High Resolution VHDRI Skies

Designed specifically for use in projects requiring very high resolution and super realistic lighting.

– 14,000 X 7,000 HDRI (in exr and hdr)

– 14,000 X 7,000 LDR (jpg)

– 4096 X 1024 HDRI (exr and hdr)

– 512 X 256 Lighting HDRI (exr and hdr)


Time of Day and Weather Conditions

VHDRI Skies feature a variety of time and weather conditions, including sunrises and sunsets, cloudy days and stormy skies. Each sky is named according to the time and weather condition.


System Requirements

– High Resolution Skies: The 14,000X7,000 skies are taxing on older systems and software. Some software applications also feature memory and texture size limits that may cause problems when using the full size skies. We recommend that owners of older systems down-size the full resolution skies.





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