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Lynda – AutoCAD for Mac 2016 New Features


With every release of AutoCAD, new features are developed and old features are refined. AutoCAD for Mac is no exception. The newest version, AutoCAD for Mac 2016, is a large step forward, including the addition of Express Tools and XREF mapping tools. This AutoCAD training course provides a thorough overview of these new features, as well as dimension and PDF enhancements, general application improvements, and changes to working with text, geometry, and lines.

Topics include:

  • XREF server path mapping and ByLayer display
  • Converting text to mtext
  • Moving geometry from model space to paper space with Change Space
  • Dimensioning with the DIM tool
  • Pasting geometry with Paste As Block
  • Working with section plane tools
  • Creating smaller PDF files with AutoCAD for Mac 2016
  • Rendering online
  1. 1m 9s

    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 7m 34s

    1. What are XREFs?
      4m 4s
    2. XREF server path mapping
      2m 21s
    3. XREF ByLayer override
      1m 9s
  3. 15m 35s

    1. Convert Text to Mtext
      1m 55s
    2. Break-line Symbol
      2m 20s
    3. Explode Attributes to Text
      1m 7s
    4. Move/Copy/Rotate (MOCORO)
      1m 36s
    5. Replace Block
      2m 16s
    6. Super Hatch
      3m 40s
    7. Change Space
      2m 41s
  4. 5m 21s

    1. DIM command
      2m 14s
    2. Text wrap
      1m 36s
    3. Layers for dimensions
      1m 31s
  5. 11m 59s

    1. Paste improvements
      1m 44s
      3m 7s
    3. Move/copy updates
    4. Mtext frames
      1m 42s
    5. Other mtext enhancements
      1m 12s
    6. Geometric Center Snap
      2m 1s
    7. Section tools
      1m 19s
  6. 13m 8s

    1. Properties Inspector
      3m 51s
    2. PDF enhancements
      1m 40s
    3. Font improvements
    4. Line smoothing
    5. Command line improvements
      1m 36s
    6. Render enhancements
      2m 53s
    7. Selection updates
      1m 30s
  7. 47s

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