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Maxtree Plant Models Vol 4



  • 120 high quality 3D plant models
  • Vertical direction and Horizontal direction types
  • Support Corona, Mentalray, Octane , Vray render
  • GrowFX original files include (just for GrowFX version, need GrowFX 1.98 sp3 and above)
  • Forest Pack Pro library support
  • FBX format
  • 3Ds max 2011 and above


Product Description

Plant Models Vol 4 is a volume of high quality 3D plant model for vertical greenery, this volume include 20 species plants and each one have 6 different variations. These models are available for 3DS max 2011 and above, include GrowFX original(need GrowFX 1.98 sp3), FBX, 3DS max format, support  Vray, Mentalray, Corona,  Octane render.

Here are some main features below:

1.Vertical direction and Horizontal direction

Each species mainly divided into two types, Vertical direction and Horizontal direction. They are differentiated in Blue “V” and Red “H” in thumbnails.
MT_PM_V4_Nephrolepis exaltata_04MT_PM_V4_Nephrolepis exaltata_01

2.Support Forest Pack Pro library

All models are ready for Forest Pack Pro library

Note: This Product include 2 versions

GrowFX Version: GrowFX version with GrowFX original files include , need GrowFX plugin support, with GrowFX original files you can re-adjust all parameters of plants and make a growth animation or add wind effect. GrowFx version include all format, it’s a full version. More  about GrowFX plugin see here .

Mesh Version: With this version GrowFX original files already convert to Editable Mesh, so you can’t re-adjust any parameters of plants, it just not include  GrowFX original files, the other parts as the same as GrowFX version.

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