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Evermotion SKETCHUP Video Tutorial part 1


Evermotion Sketchup  Video Tutorial part 1

SKETCHUP MODELLING TUTORIAL INCLUDES:Lesson 1 – Introduction(software interface, plugins, etc.)
Lesson 2 – Flat base modelling (wall, floors, ceilling, doors, windows)
Lesson 3 – Kitchen zone modelling (all the furniture, lamps, aplliances, etc)
Lesson 4 – Living room modelling
Lesson 5 – Dining room zone modelling
Lesson 6 – Bedroom modelling
Lesson 7 – Bathroom/toilet modelling

Over 4,5 hours of narrated videos (in English).
Project files are not included.

See also SKETCHUP Video Tutorial part 2 with texturing and rendering with Vray.

Special 50% discount for studios and companies.
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Total size: 0.96 GB in 11 files