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The Gnomon Workshop – Introduction to V-Ray with Stephen DeLalla



In this lecture, CG Supervisor Stephen DeLalla gives a thorough introduction to V-Ray for Maya. All major aspects of V-Ray will be covered, starting with the fundamentals of how V-Ray integrates into Maya, linear workflow and color management, render settings, lights, materials, new features of vray 3 and 3.1, xgen integration, and more. There is also an in-depth discussion on general workflow techniques that will be useful for all levels of artists, and are directly related to how Stephen works in production. Topics include the V-Ray, Blend, Car Paint, Two-Sided, Hair, SSS and Skin Materials as well as Displacement, Global Illumination, Render Elements, Proxies, Physical Camera, and effective usage of the Adaptive DMC. There is also a making-of, discussing the techniques used with Maya, V-Ray, and Nuke to create the cover image. Stephen explains why certain decisions were made, what techniques were used, and how they relate to different chapters in the series. This lecture will provide artists with a wonderful foundation in V-ray, and enable them to push their work to a new level.

Topic Covered

  • Linear Workflow
  • Adaptive DMC
  • V-Ray Lights
  • V-Ray Material
  • Blend Material
  • SSS2 Material
  • Vray 3 Skin Material
  • Rendering Displacements
  • Global Illumination
  • Render Elements
  • Single Object Properties
  • Vray Proxies
  • Vray Physical Camera


  1. Introduction
  2. The Linear Workflow Inside Vray 3
  3. Effective Usage of the Adaptive DMC
  4. The Vray and Blend Materials
  5. Car Paint Material
  6. Two-Sided Material
  7. Hair Material and Other Misc Nodes
  8. Vray Fast SSS2 Material
  9. Vray 3 Skin Material
  10. Vray Lights
  11. Displacement
  12. Global Illumination
  13. Single Object Properties and Scene Setup
  14. Creating Render Elements
  15. Compositing Vray’s Render Elements
  16. Vray Proxies
  17. The Vray Physical Camera
  18. New features of Vray 3 and 3.1
  19. Making of Cover Image Part 1 – Look Developement and Scene Assembly
  20. Making of Cover Image Part 2 – Lighting the Environment and Render Prep
  21. Making of Cover Image Part 3 – Compositing and Polish

About Author

Stephen DeLalla

Lighting Artist & CG Supervisor

Stephen DeLalla is a 3D artist specializing in lighting and look development. After graduating from Gnomon in 2008, he started his career as a generalist in commercial production. In 2010 he joined the team at Psyop where he is currently working as a CG Supervisor. His professional work can be seen in many commercials, most notably in over 20 spots for Supercell’s hit game “Clash of Clans,” as well as commercials for the Criket Wireless ad campaign. Stephen also has a passion for education and finds it one of the most rewarding aspects of his career. He has been teaching at Gnomon since 2011 where he has helped integrate V-Ray into the curriculum.

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