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The SketchUp to LayOut Book


The SketchUp to LayOut book is the essential guide for woodworkers, carpenters, architects, contractors, builders, and designers who already know the basics on how to use SketchUp, but are looking to create stunning presentations to visualize their ideas with their clients using LayOut.

The Ebook version is a 314 page instant digital download (PDF, EPUB, MOBI 33MB) that you can view right on your computer, tablet, or ipad. Each chapter and section is bookmarked for easy navigation, and all hyperlinks in the book are just a click away.

UPDATE 7/30/15: SketchUp to LayOut is now available in paperback! Due to popular demand, I’ve now made the book available in both digital and physical formats. If you want both, just choose the Professional Package or the Video Course package and you’ll get the ebook instantly and the paperback shipped to you. Free shipping is included to most locations worldwide.

Professional Package

If you’re serious about transforming your sketches into stunning presentations, you’ll need some tools. In the Professional Package, you’ll get the SketchUp to LayOut ebook available for instant download, the paperback version shipped to you, along with a complete set of tools, including:

  • 63 CAD style hatch materials for SketchUp
  • 63 seamless patterns for use as LayOut Patterns
  • 7 High quality seamless photo wood materials
  • 44 Custom Styles (overlays)
  • 3 custom titleblock templates
  • Electrical/HVAC Scrapbook collection
  • Mask/Break Scrapbook collection
  • 30% Discount to Sketchucation Membership ($25 value)
  • 30% Discount to Go-to-School ($100 value)
  • 1 FREE month to SketchThis Kitchen plugin ($49 value)

CAD Styled Hatches

When printing out construction documents on paper, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish materials that are textured to look like their “real-world” counterpart. Especially when creating section cuts, it’s very important to be able to clearly communicate the type of material each space represents. That’s why in most standard CAD programs, you’ll find a set of standard hatch patterns for common types of materials.

In SketchUp, there aren’t too many of these types of materials built in. That’s why I created these custom CAD “styled” hatch patterns. They have a unique “sketchy” style to them, so they will stand out from drawings created from a traditional CAD program.

These are included with the Professional Package in two different formats, so you can use them however you’d like. Use them in LayOut as patterns, or use them in SketchUp as materials. They’ll help you communicate more clearly, and you’ll save on ink when printing your construction documents because of their simple style.

Wood Grain Materials

If you’re a woodworker, using a set of high quality wood materials in your models can set your drawings apart from the rest. With the Professional Package, you’ll get 7 high quality wood materials to use in your models.

These materials were created from a high resolution flat-bed scan of real wood veneer panels, so there is no lens distortion in the image at all. They were then professionally edited by a graphic artist to make the materials seamless. They can be tiled along large surfaces with no discernable seams from the image. Veneer types include bamboo, birch, maple, plain cut oak, rift cut oak, and steamed beech.

Custom Style Overlays

Styles can create unique effects when you pair them up with a watermark. You can finally make your edges appear dashed, or you can apply a hatch pattern to your entire model without having to change the materials on any of the faces. In the Professional Package, you’ll also get 44 custom styles that you can use in your models to create these effects with one click.

Many of the styles are the same patterns included in the CAD Hatch style material pack, so it gives you an additional option on how to apply them to your model.

Electrical/HVAC Scrapbooks

For any residential or commercial architect, having a set of electrical and HVAC symbols is essential for creating fully annotated drawings. Unfortunately, LayOut does not come with any electrical symbols built-in.

With this package, you’ll have a full library of electrical outlets, switches, light fixtures, data, and HVAC symbols for you to drag and drop into your LayOut document.

And more…

When you purchase the Professional Package, you also get the Mask/Break scrapbook collection that will allow you to create break lines over your viewports that automatically create a mask over the object as well. You’ll get exclusive discounts to the SketchThis plugin, as well as a discount to the Go-2-School premium video tutorial membership site, and Sketchucation’s premium membership site. The Professional Package is a complete offer that includes the SketchUp to LayOut book. It’s the best choice for those looking to add a powerful set of tools to their SketchUp and LayOut arsenal.

 Video Package

For the ultimate training package, which includes the SketchUp to LayOut Ebook and Paperback, Professional Package, as well as over 3 hours of video tutorials, choose the Video Package. Each video is broken down into short, focused topics so you can find exactly what you want to learn very easily.

Watch videos from any device using the Udemy app for your Apple or Android devices. You can choose to either stream the videos, or download them to your computer. If you ever have any questions about a specific video, post your question in the discussion forum and I will answer it for you!

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