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Uartsy – Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4


10 Modules Project Files Included MP4

Using the lessons of this course, you will be able to create beautiful, next gen game environments using Unreal Engine 4 and other industry standard programs.

Environment artists set the tone for the entire game world and are critical to building games that keep us entranced for hours on end. The best environments immerse us in the story and make us feel like we’re truly part of these fantasy worlds.

In this course from world-renowned artist and favorite ZBW instructor, David Lesperance, you will learn to create those stunning, memorable environments using the very same techniques and programs that the pros use, including Unreal Engine 4.

The 5 most important lessons:

How to get started creating 3D assets for fully immersive video game environments
How to take your environment art to a whole new level with advanced modeling and sculpting techniques
How to set up your 3D environmental assets and create a functioning game world in Unreal Engine 4
Tips for setting the mood and capturing the feeling of a given scene in your game
Plus more professional tips and best practices for environment artists working in game production
Course Outline
Project 1 : Basics of Modeling for Games

Project 2 : Building a Design Kit, Starting the Hallway Model and setting up Collision

Project 3 : Creating UV’s in Headus and 3DS Max

Project 4 : Tuning Texture Maps

Project 5 : Stacking UVs and Creating Light Maps

Project 6 : Spline Modeling and UV’ingThe Sci Fi Crate

Project 7 : Creating Realistic Fabric in Marvelous Designer

Project 8 : Creating a Tileable Floor Asset

Project 9 : Texturing in Quixel Suite and Better Understanding Light Maps

Project 10 : Creating a Prop From a Concept

About the instructor

David Lesperance
Driven by a love of the Baroque period, David Lesperance received his BA in Fine Arts and shortly after began his career in entertainment art and CG, including time spent in the cinematics division at Blizzard Entertainment. Over the past eight years, David has also contributed his talents to Microsoft, Activision, and Midway Games. David has since finished Halo 4 and is now a proud member of the Valve team.