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Viscorbel Classic Furniture VOL2 – ORNAMENT


Viscorbel Classic Furniture VOL2 – ORNAMENT

Product Description

I’ve been modeling classic furniture for interior visualization for more than 4 years, In this time I have developed a very quick workflow, that allows me to produce even the most complicated, carved pieces in 2-4 hours. Since I believe it’s one of my strongest skills and there are not many others who can do the same – I decided to share my method with the 3D community.

Classic Furniture video tutorial series are designed to give you all the building blocks you need to successfully model classic furniture with 3Ds MAX.
This is the second video in the series – ORNAMENT.

You will learn how to model some of the most common ornaments and build a library that you can use for extremely fast workflow. It can make the difference between modeling an ornament for days or modeling it in a few hours. I’ve used this method in a production environment for years and it’s fast and efficient!

Here are the topics covered:

  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Ribbons
  • Scrolls
  • Shells
  • Geometric ornaments
  • Working with an ornament library

This is the library you will end up with. I’ll show you how to model most of these elements – some of the leaves you see here are not shown on video, but can be made using the same techniques. I just added them as a free bonus!

And here is a more complex example that you will learn to create form this basic library!

3ds max 2010+ required to open the project files.
This training has an Audio Track.

Source : http://viscorbel.com/shop/classic-furniture-vol2-ornament/