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Viscorbel Creating V-Ray Materials Vol 1


Viscorbel Creating V-Ray Materials Vol 1

Product Description

How to create some of the most commonly used materials with V-Ray

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Making seamless textures in Photoshop
  • Creating bump/reflection maps (including hand-painting a custom wrinkle bump map)
  • Creating custom dirtmaps
  • Creating all the materials from scratch
  • Creating advanced materials with VRayBlendMtl
  • Creating custom parquet/tile patterns in 3Ds MAX and Photoshop

All the completed materials and textures are also included, you are free to use them as you like.
Here is the list of V-Ray materials we’ll create in this video (click to view image):

3ds max 2010+, V-Ray 1.5+ required to open the project files.
This training has an Audio Track.

Source : http://viscorbel.com/shop/creating-v-ray-materials-vol-1/